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Dottie May’s™ Oatmilk Cream Liqueur (2 Bottles)

Dottie May’s™ Oatmilk Cream Liqueur (2 Bottles)

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Dottie May's™ is a dairy-free cream liqueur that blends American whiskey with oatmilk. With its silky smoothness and notes of cocoa, toffee and vanilla, this spirit aims to delight from bale to bottle. We mix well with country folk, and city slickers too. Just like Dottie.

750 ML

Dairy Free Oatmilk

The first cream liqueur made with 100% Oatmilk for a smooth and creamy texture

Perfect for Mixing and Sipping

Dotties’ great taste delivers in cocktails, coffee, shooters and desert recipes.

American Whiskey

None of that Irish stuff in here, just the heartland’s finest!

17% ALC. BY VOL.

(34 PROOF)

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